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Мясной ресторан Котлеты

Cutlet restaurant

Here they cook only cutlets, all their varieties — Milanese cutlet, Viennese schnitzel, croquettes, Tatar beefsteak, lula kebab, klops, meatballs, meatballs, korokke, katsudon, tonkatsu, falafel, mititei, zirnecei, chigiri, siriichi, aranki

Bar Buharin

Bukharin … This is not about Bukhariks, this is about our history, which must be known, whatever it may be. Both the revolution and Bukharin can be treated differently, but to have a Bukharin bar is to be successful even before its opening! No one will be left indifferent by this name and will cause at least curiosity in any person! Well, then it depends only on you whether your guest wants to return to you.

Buharin bar
Putina bar

Bar Putina

Putin’s Sea Bar — seafood, delicacies, Crimean red mullet and mussels, Kamchatka crab and scallop, Sakhalin oysters, northern salmon, Caucasian trout, Baikal omul, Caspian sturgeon … Everything that can be caught in Russia’s vast coastal waters, seas and oceans — you can try everything with us! The interior of the bar is appropriate — barrels, nets, sails, lockers and banks, compasses and a deck … In general — fun, tasty, satisfying!

Bar Shalom

Shalom! Peace to you! Let’s sit down at the table together, have a delicious meal and a sweet drink! Let’s rejoice in each other’s life and success! We congratulate friends and relatives on the Holiday and wish you health and happiness! This is the meaning of Shalom Bar! The domain is perfect for organizing a bar of Jewish cuisine, drawing guests into the atmosphere of an authentic Israeli place from the very beginning.
Shalom bar
Fabrika bar

Bar Fabrika

A versatile loft-style bar, the interior is dominated by industrial solutions, minimalism and convenience. Pan-European cuisine, hearty, simple food, matching drinks with authentic names.
Just an interesting and popular place. You can always answer your wife’s question — yes, I was late at the factory, we got a rush there …

Nagano Bar

Nagano represent Japanese fusion cuisine, making these cozy spots an appealing culinary history in the cities where they operate. In self-isolation, the Japanese restaurant format offers delivery of sushi, rolls, Japanese soups and desserts.

бар Нагано | bar Nagano
бар Бакалар | bar Bakalar

Beer Bar Bakalar

Excellent Czech beer Bakalar in the bar of the same name, surrounded by Czech interiors and with Czech snacks … Mmmmm … You can’t get by with a single glass!

bar Köln

Cologne’s bars offer classic German cuisine and classic German beer Kölsch and Altbier. The menu includes a wide selection of grilled sausages, grilled pork leg with sauerkraut and potatoes, German hot potato and pickled cucumber salad, grilled goose, seafood and fish.

бар Кёльн | bar Koln
бар Prazacka

Beer bar Pražačka

The young beer brand Prazacka is gaining popularity due to the fact that it is truly a classic Czech beer. It is brewed in the very beer town of the Czech Republic — Rakovník, in an old brewery, according to traditional recipes and technologies.

Czech bar ČERNOVAR

At Cernovar bars, you will be served the eponymous Cernovar beer, brewed according to traditional Czech canons, in one of the old Czech breweries. You will be offered traditional Czech snacks and dishes. The interior of the mysterious cellars of ancient European castles will add adrenaline.

бар Черновар
Lenin bar

Lenin bar

A great opportunity to create an atmospheric bar! You can take the theme of the leader of the 1917 Revolution, and stylize the interior of the bar with revolutionary ideas and communist symbols. Or maybe you create a bar based on the domain name, where the friends of a charming girl named Lena will gather — then all the bohemians of the city will be happy to spend time in Lenin’s bar.

Restaurant BARABIR

A restaurant of Central Asian cuisine, the menu includes classic dishes — barbecue, lagman, pilaf, beshparmak, samsa, shurpa, mantas, bozy and many more tasty things. All dishes are prepared exactly as it is done in countries where they have been prepared for many centuries.

Barabir Restaurant
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